Our Mediation Activities

Mediation instituion that involved in our daily life by becoming operative as a precondition for files and cases that continue in the judicial authorities and are increasing in number, traditionally practiced since the old times.

Mediation instituion that regulated as a compulsory lawsuit in commercial and worker-employer disputes in near time, helped to significantly reduce workload, has managed to prove itself with high deal rates.

As ETEYSE LAW, we are the absolute supporter that alternative judgment methods due to the cumbersome judicial systems in a changing and developing World. Alternative solving ways that preventing unnecessary occupation of judicial authorities, finds development area in our country. And also it is effective that in this regard high workload in judicial authorities and there are quantitatively more case-file proceeding although qualitatively low.

Our purpose absolute success and full satisfaction for voluntarily applications made to us with mediation as an alternative solution method. 

The parties both get up from the table and reach their interests in a shorter time by overcoming the disadvantages brought by the trial. Because accompanied by an expert mediator acting as a guide due to it is a benefit based system rather than a right.