Advocate Associate Professor Doctor

İslam Safa Kaya

Founding Advocate

Ad. Assoc. Prof. İslam Safa Kaya entered the Kırıkkale University Faculty of Law in 2002. After his undergraduate education in 2006, he continued his master’s degree at Erciyes University SSI. After completing his master’s degree with his thesis titled ‘Limited scope of the company and responsibilities of partners debts’ in 2009, he completed his doctorate education at Kırıkkale University SSI with his dissertation in International Energy Law and received the title of PhD in 2014.

Having worked as a Freelance Attorney at the Ankara Bar Association between 2006 and 2010 Kaya, during the same period, he also served as the deputy of Başkent EDAŞ (Electricity Distribution Inc.) In 2010, he began working as an attorney at law in the Türkiye Petrolleri Anonim Ortaklığı (TPAO). During this period, Kaya, who was the TPAO attorney in many international energy arbitrations, actively provided legal consultancy services to many affiliates abroad, especially Libya. In the same period, he participated in trainings on tender legislation and served as a regulator and supervisor in many tenders of TPAO. During his tenure at TPAO, he studied Arabic language within the Aldiwan Arabic Language Center, based in Cairo, for 1 year. After completing his doctorate, Kaya was appointed to Kırıkkale University Faculty of Law as a Faculty Member in 2015.

After receiving the title of Associate Professor in 2019, he founded the ETEYSE Law & Consulting & Mediation Office. Currently working as a Faculty Member at Kırıkkale University Faculty of Law Kaya, conducted Energy Law, International Law and Criminal Law courses at various universities such as Erciyes University and University of Turkish Aeronautical Association. Kaya, who is an expert in energy disputes in Ankara Courts, has many books, internationally indexed articles and international proceedings in the fields of energy law, international law and criminal law.

Kaya, who has good command English and Arabic is married and has 3 children.


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